Chapter 16: Page 433
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Posted on 20121220


See everyone Monday!

My usual plug:

We've added some holiday art there, which includes some cards you can print off and give to your family and friends and pets and whatnot. Everything in the store is on sale now, so the prices should be nice for your holiday purchases :)

ALSO! You can enter TZHHOLIDAY there and get another 20% off!

Our physical store is still offline for now. We want to make sure that our inventory processes are set up so we don't have any more missed or lost orders, and so it probably won't come back up 'til January. Until then, though, you can get the digital book from our Big Cartel Store!

[edit from Greg- The comic was set to display on 2013. Sorry for the delay]

Original script for 12-20-2012:
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Jasper pulls a gun on Milo.