Chapter 19: Page 478
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Posted on 20130610
Maureen is on a MISSION. She has no time for your silly FORMS.

Today on Terable Adventures, we have arrived at the big city!

This place seemed huge on the map so I couldn't wait to explore it. I hop off my flying taxi-pony and wander off to the nearest NPC.

She prattles on about something having to do with scantily clad ladies and burly men fighting to save some cliche thing, but all I could notice was this… weird… belly button hole… window… bullshit that was going on with her dress.

Okay, people I don't get this, what is the purpose of this? I don't understand the stab me here belly button hole-hole. I would say please help me understand this, but I don't know if I would want to understand this. But to add to the fact that her belly blow-hole this giant deep pit of darkness...

I kept on seeing a face, do you see it?

If you don't, Look closer I guess-

This is all I see.

So I walk a little further to start my explor-Jesus-tap-dancing-christ.

And I meet TITANIA!
Seriously guys. These boobies are... I don't…

Maybe if I just…

There. Perfect.

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