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Posted on 20130606

So here we are with another installment of Terable Adventures!

Greg and I wander into the 'spooky area' where we proceed to spend an HOUR trying to figure out a quest. Unknown to us we needed to talk to the teleporter thingy to teleport to an 'instance'(dungeon??)-- instead of talking to the teleporting NPC which teleports you to almost the exact same place? After pestering people in the area, and still not being able to find where we were supposed to be… we figured it out by googling, and finding it on youtube.

Christ thats an hour I will never get back.
But I digress.

Lets talk about ovaries.

…Ignoring the fact that they spelled ovaries wrong, this was something I had randomly screen-shotted, and I found it when I was writing this. I have no idea what the quest was, or if I completed it, but it must have been so horrifying my lady-brain wiped it from my memory, like the pain from childbirth....or just from painful disk overies?

But we got to fight a dragon!


And now to the obligatory 'biggest city in the world' part of every MMO.

Look look! Prettyful wooden pens & stylus' made by one of our longtime readers :D

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Maureen goes through quarantine!