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Terable Adventures Chapter 9: Faerie Fuckery
Posted on 20130704

Terable Adventures today consists of saving faeries from the evil fuckery of these guys... that turn things into bad things... like in that Care Bears show... I suppose?

Quick! Someone clap their hands... ah fuckit. The child in me is dead.

So we gotta traipse through these piles of unicorns, evil pixies, and other stuff to find one Unicorn that looks like he rolled in a pile of lepers. We gave him an antidote and now he is all better yay!*

He's contemplating killing and eating me I'm sure.

Now its time to frolic in the wildflowers! UNTIL--

DUN DUN DUN!! Derrdeederr.

A challenger appears! And disappears in short order because Greg and I are min-maxing freaks and kill everything that moves.

"It's so good to be aliiiive! And it's only 3 days until I retire!"

RIP Monster. 2013-2013

Until next time!

* I found that they actually got rid of this quest with the latest patch. :I

Original script for 07-04-2013:
This script may not match the finished comic! It will, however, contain the original spelling errors and other mistakes.
“All right then.” He releaxes, and leans up against something, and goes on with a grin, “Then I just need to know two things. First- that pilot’s license you had. Was it good for helicopters?”

She nods.

“Second, what’re you doing on Friday night?”

Scene cuts on her look of surprise and indignation.