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Posted on 20130715

Fuck you peddler bitch.

Ah escort missions. So after we kicked the crap out of some fairies and unicorns we got to escort one of five similar looking peddlers. All of which are dumb as a bag of hair because they would just slowly plod through piles of monsters and freak out if you weren't helping them.

We then get to the city and we realize that we need to help find the Chief's dog Ohdi in a graveyard somewhere.

Ohdi. Get it? I swear this game is just full of tits and puns.

Then there was this chick.

Well you weren't spotting anything that's for sure.

Omg you guys these things are the CUTEST. Why can't we have these guys as pets? They are adorable. They don't even try to kill you they just sit there and just freak out if you go near them.

I will call them squishy and they shall be mine.

Greg hates the hipster frog music.

Hey look its me after too much Mexican food.

Until next time!

Original script for 07-15-2013:
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Mercer begins a bit uncomfortably, "Arthur- I promise. This isn't like the last time. She's a fine captain."

Jasper raises his eyebrow at Mercer but lets him keep going.

"Her team will be fine- they have 737 with them."

Arthur sighs, reluctantly. He waves to Jasper. "Do it. Bring her home."