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Posted on 20130805
First! We're going to be starting our Kickstarter for Book 2 on the 15th! So that should be super awesome and we're gearing up to get ready for printing and some cool kickstarter rewards, too. I'm doing more art touchups, and this book is going to have a longer mini comic than book one.

Next, also with books- my friend from A Girl And Her Fed has her new book up on Amazon for digital downloads- check it out! I did the cover. It's all about smut and spies and other cool things.

And for games, its been a while!

In Terable Adventures we took some time to do some adventuring!

Have I mentioned that everything about this game is breathtaking? Granted this is coming from someone who has just stuck to Harvest Moon and Pokemon when it came to games for years.

There are remnants of giant automatons scattered throughout the continents of this world and stuff. They really fleshed out the world visually as well as literally, even if its just ‘go here and kill things.'

Also, we have found some... er... um... uhh... I can't even call this clothing, for Greg’s hapless Amani character.

If my eyes could puke, they totally would. DAT BELT.

It’s not because its ridiculously revealing it just looks so... hideously cheap fashion wise-- it makes my artist brain hurt. A lot of the female clothing in this game, unfortunately, just looks cheap :C

After that we saved some high-heeled wearing villagers from an orcan hullabaloo.

Those got to be Jimmy Choo’s!

And got to talk to some people that were dug up from my repressed nightmares.

The way those boobies are squished are what nightmares are made of people. OUCH!
Oh also there was this guy, Frank.

We’re homies.

Original script for 08-05-2013:
This script may not match the finished comic! It will, however, contain the original spelling errors and other mistakes.

Maureen: “That building- everybody get eyes on that as we go by. That one’s our landmark if anyone got split up.”

Jasper- to his goons: “Eyes sharp- let’s bring daddy’s little girls home today!”