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Posted on 20130926
The kickstarter period is over now, and we had a whole bunch of backers and we made it over our goal. And then I got so stressed over it that I had, like, heart palpitations. We called his mom who is a cardiac nurse and it turns out it was PVC--its a normal thing that everyone's hearts do (basically your heart jumps the gun when beating then it beats again to catch up?) Its brought on by stress--and I have been stressssededed. But I wasn't dying and Greg made me look at sleepy kittens to help me calm down, haha. (Greg says that it was probably made worse because I ate nothing but thin mints and sweet tea for dinner)

Now we're gonna kick it into high gear for the book! I did art edits all Friday and then had a migraine on Saturday because my body hates me and stress :(

Anyway! If you pledged on the kickstarter, Greg is gonna send out an update there too. But the payments will take 14 days to process before we transfer them to our bank. Once we've got the money, Greg's gonna use Kickstarter to get the addresses and names and the photos of all you awesome redshirts and survivor, so I can do the bonus comics with you guys in them! :)

I might do some livestreams this week just to show how it's all going, so keep an eye on twitter and the newspost and forum and stuffs! :)

awwww yissss booooook

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