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Posted on 20131205
It also has to cut back on smoking too.

Greg says:
Last week the file server's power supply died. I swapped it with the spare we keep on hand, and we only lost a couple of hours. This week, the CPU fan died and I swapped *that* with the spare I had on hand...

Somewhere in all this fun, it lost synch on its mirrored drives. The data is still there, and even if it weren't I have backups. But, the file server, and all our files, are unusable until it finishes resynching the two drives. With 2TB drives, this process takes *days*.
So for right now, nothing can be done for the book or the comic, since everything lives on the file server- I even routed our emails through it... Clearly, not enough redundancy in my planning. I'll be addressing that... once the thing finishes resynching. (We're wrapping up day two at 60% now... yay?)

Sorry 'bout that!

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