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Comic Up Real Soon Now
Posted on 20140120
Hi gang, Greg here-

Jenny's been having trouble with her shoulder muscles for a while now, because her workspace isn't very well laid out, ergonomically. So, last week we started renovating her area. Unfortunately, it's been really stressful for her to try to work while all this is going on, so Monday's comic isn't quite ready. It should be up as soon as she finishes the colors.

In the meantime, here's a shot of the construction-in-progress. We've got the new drafting table up (before she had to draw on a flat horizontal surface) but the desks and tables for her computers and all that are still in pieces... lots of pieces...

Again, super sorry for the delay, and the comic will be replacing that image when it's finished.

Original script for 01-20-2014:
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