Chapter 21: Page 551
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Posted on 20140414
Woops! This should've gone up with the comic earlier.

Right now we're getting the digital books ready to go out to everyone who backed them, and then we've got another form to send off to the printing company. Because of the length of time it took to produce the book, we're having to redo everything for our payment arrangement for the books themselves. It's a little more drawn-out, as we're not just doing cash up front, because we're concerned about quality issues after what happened with book 1. Even though we're using a different printer this time, we want to cover out butts and make sure we aren't on the hook to pay for books that can't be sold, if something goes wrong. Which we hope it won't. And stuff!

But yeah! For all our digital book folks, expect an email sometime this afternoon or evening, depending on your time zone! :)

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