Chapter 21: Page 561
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Posted on 20140522
+++++ Monday's comic is slightly delayed! It will be up around 3PM, ish! +++++

Hi guys!

I wish I had more interesting news for Book 2 than "we're still talking to folks", but, that's what's going on. It turns out we're not really negotiating, deal-making gurus.

Because of the delays and stuff from earlier, we don't have as much leverage with the print companies as we would like; they know we want the book printed in a hurry and they want to take advantage of that, and so on. We want to make as solid and nice a book as possible, but, we don't want to have to pay more than we'd originally bargained for, or faster than we'd planned, and that kind of thing. We're not exactly over a barrel, but, we can see the barrel from here, and everyone's giving it these really significant glances (and eyebrow waggles).

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