Oh... hi guys!
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Posted on 20130408
Hands are still a little shaky, only started feeling better on Sunday! I am sitting up, at my desk and keeping food down--just gotta find that appetite still, alas!

Whatever I had was epic. I swear I puked so hard other peoples foods from different places in space and time came out. Lawdy.

Also, Greg is getting ready to restart the store and stuff, and so he's asked me to pass along our new survey. This one is just questions about how old you guys are and where you live and stuff. Please fill it out- it'll help us to estimate shipping costs and things like that :) As always, you get a cool new desktop wallpaper for doing the survey, even if you just hit 'not telling' for every question. The wallpaper is one of the characters from my next comic, so check it out!

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