Chapter 18: Page 473
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Posted on 20130523
So! I started playing this mmo game Tera. I made a warrior fox person because it was the only female character that seemed to actually wear clothes, as opposed to dental floss and bits of tape. If its going to be this blatant I'm thinking to myself--damn fellas-just make a porno, haha. Granted the character I made seems to be basically pedo bait and in previous versions they were actually wearing bikini-like-type outfits (Ew!). What shocked me more is the backlash that occurred when the changes were made--its like guys no, no no no. I don't care if they are supposed to be a billion years old, they're not they look like 10. Some of the outfits in the Korea version were like yiiiiikes.

HOWEVER. Could it have KILLED them to put a little effort into it instead of copy-pasta-ing booty shorts everywhere? Even some of the edits seemed pretty unnecessary--like they censored out showing a bit of ribcage? Like the side? Oh well.


I have no idea what I am doing, or if this will hold my interest at ALL-- but everything looks so damn pretty.

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After she gets no response, time passes as maureen waits some more.