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Posted on 20130812
We're going to be starting our Kickstarter for Book 2 on the 15th! Hopefully my being disabled for a few days isn't going to ruin our goal. I injured my wrist on Thursday and had docs orders to keep off of it--so I am really REALLY sorry that the page is so simple :I

Next, also with books- my friend from A Girl And Her Fed has her new book up on Amazon for digital downloads- check it out! I did the cover. It's all about smut and spies and other cool things.

So Terable Adventures today took place mostly in Celestial Hills where we saved this non-boobed elf from a hoard of crazy monsters about to overtake the camp!

"Gnar jellies!"

I thought this gent was a lady at first :I

We were then congratulated for our efforts with a party thing, and I AM SO NOT THE BAD GUY Samael McScarface begrudgingly congratulating us for saving people or someshit.

Also my bangs glitch out sometimes?

May your forehead grow like the mighty oak!

This outfit, uuugghhh barf.

Also Greg got... this.

I don't think I need to say anything more about that!

'Til next time! :D

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