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Posted on 20130815
Today is the 15th! I hurt my wrist last week and I don't have all the promo art ready for the kickstarter, but check back later today and we'll have it up and it'll be all pretty and everything! We're making it happen, I am so excited! (And terrified!)

----------- EDIT:

So, it took me a bit but I got all the art stuff together on the kickstarter. And then it turns out that when the project is finally ready to go, they need to approve it. Which is totally cool and all, but apparently will take 2-3 business days :(

Hopefully we'll be able to announce it again on Monday!

Also, in Tera... So we are back.
Greg and I did some more exploring!

And I found some silly glitches!


And then there was this...

"We must cover everything but the titties! It is extremely vital that the titties not be covered, they need to breathe after all."

And *Siiiigh* this.

"Dat Ass."

A cool thing that Tera has for dungeons are these n00b buffs--if you are new to the instance (dungeon) you get a loot fairy which increases the drop rate of cool items, you also have a buff that will instantly resurrect you if you die.

"Hey! Listen!!"

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