Chapter 4: Page 97 | Tugging on Heartstrings
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97 - Interview!
Posted on 2007-11-05 00:00:00
New Chapter begins on Monday as well with the new coloring style. Thanks for reading!
Sorry for the wait, I hope having Thursday updates all through November makes up for it. =D (well after the 12th there will be Monday AND Thursday updates, sorry for the confusion!)
See you Monday!

Oh and incase you missed it on Halloween: I was interviewed last night by the fellas on Comic News Insider from New York for their Halloween podcast special n_n I was really nervous haha, never done anything like this before! But they have done a LOT of interviews they have even interviewed Joss Whedon and other big names in the movie/tv and comic biz, so I was all star-struck for the most part haha.It was really nice of them to have me on their show, its really weird hearing yourself over the phone and over the radio haha. But yes! The show can be found HERE! have a listen! :D

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